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  • ISO 9001:2008
  • RCC-E

Delta Mobrey

Instrumentation & Control Equipment

electrical and I&C equipment -


Delta Controls Ltd has been designing and manufacturing instrumentation for the power and process industries for over 65 years and has served the nuclear industry in the UK for over 55 years and overseas for over 40 years. A specialist in pressure, temperature and flow sensors, Delta has provided a range of generic and bespoke instruments to the industry across all the UK Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) and a number of International NPP in a wide variety of applications. Available products include Class 1E switches, meeting both IEEE and RCC-E requirements for Nuclear Island use as well as a complete range for the Conventional Island and Balance of Plant.

In addition, Delta offers its nuclear customers
• Excellent performance, reliability and an accuracy that is class leading,
• A bespoke service to solve problems and find solutions to technical challenges
• Alternative products for obsolete instruments replacing aged competitor units no longer supported
• Life Extension or Safety Case projects to ensure reactor safety monitoring systems perform to latest requirements
• Solutions to Special Applications, examples of which include
- Fast response Leak Detection within the containment area
- Fast Response air temperature switches
- Flow rate monitoring
- High Static pressure – low set point – high pressure reversal applications
- Low pressure and low deadband differential pressure switches
- Self Cleaning low Dead Band high accuracy switch for main feed water cooling system

Products and Services

Product Sector
Instrumentation control computers detectors transmitters monitors & panels Oil & Gas including LNG
Instrumentation control computers detectors transmitters monitors & panels Nuclear Civil

• Pressure Instruments
- Transmitters and Switches – Absolute, Gauge, Differential
• Temperature Instruments
- Switches, Transmitters, RTD’s
• Flow Instruments
- Transmitters – Insertion/In-Line, Switches
IEEE 323 and 344
IEC 61508
HAF 604
Seismic Tested
Radiation Resistant

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Recent Work

Recent Nulear Projects

Forsmarks - Sweden
219 Class 1E Differential Pressure Switches – for HELB application – Within Containment
231 Class 1E Fast Reaction Air Temperature Switches – within Containment
OKG Sweden
48 Class 1E DP switches measuring main steam line valve operation within containment
TVO – Finland
15 Class 1E DP switches – Now qualified for Nuclear Island use Olkiluoto 1 & 2
CGN China
Ongoing supply to Ling Ao and Daya Bay – P, T, DP Switches and Transmitters
Low pressure – Low Deadband DP switch – Fangchenggang 3&4, Hongyanhe 5&6

Recent Nulear Projects