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"a professional and competent coating company"

excellent qualitative coating work, technically competent staff, very well-trained coating staff, perfecte execution of the individual coating work carried out,
very high quality requirement, very good quality management, competent partner, a lot of specialist knowledge

Bylor JV / Hinkley Point Project


  • AS 9100
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Norsok

Bristol Metal Spraying & Protective Coatings Ltd

Coatings & Treatments (Inc Heat Treatment)

Anti Corrosion Coatings


Established in 1935 and now a leading industrial coating specialist applying an extensive range of protective coatings offering long term protection against corrosion, erosion, abrasion. cavitation and acid attack.
We are based in Bristol on a large site with excellent access to the M4/M5 corridor and have capacity to lift and handle single items weighing in excess of 20 tonnes and up to 25 metres in length.
We operate a Quality Management System approved to ISO9001, AS9100 and NADCAP for Coatings which ensures full control, traceability, monitoring and inspection throughout our processes. We offer in-house laboratory capabilities for sampling and testing materials and coatings Including: Rockwell & Vickers hardness, Metallographic Evaluation & Imaging capturing.
Our expertise includes:
Surface Preparation by Abrasive Blasting
Paint Systems – including multi-coat, hi tech anti-corrosion protection & architectural finishes.
Chemical Barriers, Epoxy Ceramics and Efficiency Coatings
Glass Flake Coatings
Limpetite Rubber Coatings Systems – Limpetite A3 & Limpetite PRC
Metal Spraying of Zinc & Aluminium for anti corrosion
Plasma and Thermal Sprayed Coatings for abradable, wear resistant, heat barrier reduction

Products and Services

Product Sector
Coatings Paints Protection Processes & Systems Nuclear Civil
Inspection & Surveilance Services Oil & Gas including LNG

Abrasive blasting, Paint Systems, Metal Spraying, Anti Corrosion Coatings, High Efficiency Coatings, Environmentally Compliant Coatings and all can be applied specifically to meet nuclear requirements

Site Facilities

Shop Floor

3700m2 4 acre site with easy access for up 44ft articulated units, craneage up to 20 tonnes, item size up to 25m x 3m

Inspection / Testing

  • Advanced testing facilities

Recent Work

Nuclear coating system

Waste container treated by abrasive blasting and three coat paint system

Nuclear coating system

Heat exchanger

Abrasive blast, thermal metal sprayed and sealed insulated coating system

Heat exchanger