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  • AS 9100
  • ISO 9001:2008

Broadway Engineering Ltd

Precision Machining

Precision Machining and Special Processes


Broadway Engineering Ltd are experts in precision machining and assembly, operating within the UK and international civil and defence aerospace, Oil and Gas, Power and Nuclear industries.

Our expertise lies in the manufacture of 'current and aftermarket' products which cater for both production items and bespoke requirements. Being customer driven, we have a proven track record and offer impressive turnaround times to meet even the tightest of deadlines.

Established in 1937, Broadway Engineering Ltd is a privately owned company and our highly skilled, loyal workforce which boasts 1,000 years of experience in the industry. The team has a proven track record in aerospace production and aftermarket spares, which encompasses high tolerance prismatic products, manufactured from a host of exotic materials. By using a computer integrated manufacturing system, we are able to work efficiently and effectively to deadline, whilst continuing to deliver the highest standards of workmanship.

Products and Services

Product Sector
Transformers Electrical components & equipment
Tooling Equipment Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Precision & General Machining Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Precision & General Machining Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Precision & General Machining Electrical components & equipment
Precision & General Machining Rail & Transport
Precision & General Machining Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Precision & General Machining Subseas and Offshore
Precision & General Machining Marine Commercial & Naval
Precision & General Machining Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine

Heat Treatment (NADCAP)

Site Facilities

Shop Floor


Specialist Machinery

Capability Swing Length Width Weight
5 Axis Milling Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Horizontal Mill / Turn Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -

Inspection / Testing

  • Clean room facilities
  • CMM machines
  • Non destructive testing - Magnetic Partical
  • Pressure / Hydro Testing
  • Temperature controlled facility for inspection


  • CAD Design - 3D
  • CAM Design - 3D

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