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Diffusion Alloys Ltd

Coatings & Treatments (Inc Heat Treatment)

Specialist Coatings -


We have been supplying diffusion coating services for over sixty years. In 1955, Diffusion Alloys was the first company in the world to launch chromising as a commercial industrial diffusion coating process.
We offer a wide range of coating capabilities to protect against metal degradation including aluminising / calorising, chromising, boronising, MCrAIY, thermal barrier coatings (HVOF), wire arc and CVD protecting across a broad range of industries including turbomachinery, oil & gas, process and general industrial.
We provide protection against forms of metal degradation including high temperature corrosion, metal dusting, sulfidation, wear, abrasion and oxidation.
We also provide a wide range of complementary services such as vacuum heat treatment, chemical stripping, shot peening, FPI and technical services in- house.

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Product Sector
Coatings Paints Protection Processes & Systems Automotive
Coatings Paints Protection Processes & Systems Petrochemical & Refining
Coatings Paints Protection Processes & Systems Nuclear Civil
Specialist Services & Processes including Engineering Manufacturing Design & Testing Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Coatings Paints Protection Processes & Systems Oil & Gas including LNG
Coatings Paints Protection Processes & Systems Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission

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