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  • AS 9100
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GA Engineering (North West) Ltd

Precision Machining

Precision Machining - Small to Medium to Large


Working across sectors as varied as oil/gas, nuclear, aerospace/defence and medical, GA North West specialises in the delivery of sub-contracted CNC machining services for the manufacture of medium-sized, high-precision components. Our goal is to deliver on time and to specification every time. Our highly trained workforce ensures that all your requirements are met in full. Whatever you need, we can deliver.

As part of Pryme Group, GA North West now offers customers access to a much wider range of design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. In addition to our high-precision CNC machining services, we can meet specific project requirements ranging from fully integrated component manufacture and supply to the provision of an individual specialist service.

Throughout the Group, every division retains its core customer knowledge, focus and relationships, but come together to combine resources, experience and expertise to ensure that safety, quality and cost competitiveness are consistent priorities.

Products and Services

Product Sector
Precision & General Machining Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Precision & General Machining Oil & Gas including LNG
Precision & General Machining Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Precision & General Machining Pharmaceutical & Medical
Precision & General Machining Subseas and Offshore

Within the Pryme Group, our customers have access to a comprehensive range of contract manufacturing capabilities that are fully proven for the production of precision components across a wide variety of industrial sectors. Our capabilities extend from engineering design and project management through all key stages of component manufacture including machining, fabrication, inspection, coating/painting and assembly & test.
We are specialists in high precision CNC turning and milling and have gained extensive experience over many years of working with materials such as Inconel, Monel and duplex as well as standard grade steel and alloys. A comprehensive range of traditional turning, milling and grinding machines complement our vast spread of precision CNC machining capabilities.Our expertise extends from the manufacture of the most basic to very complex components. Our specialist capabilities also include dedicated hydraulic design, engineering, installation and maintenance support.

Site Facilities

Shop Floor


Specialist Machinery

Capability Swing Length Width Weight
Horizontal Milling (CNC)Mori Seiki NHX400 Twin pallet loader Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Horizontal Mill / TurnHitachi Seiki Super Hicell 250 Machining Cell 5 Axis B Control Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Horizontal Mill / TurnHitachi Seiki Hicell 23 11 Turning Cell Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Horizontal Mill / TurnMori Seiki NTX2000 Integrated 5 axis Mill Turn centre Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Horizontal Turning (CNC)Mori Seiki NL3000/700 Full C Axis control Mapps IV NC Unit Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Horizontal Turning (CNC)Mori Seiki NL2500Y/700 Full C Axis control Mapps IV NC Unit Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Horizontal Turning (CNC)Doosan PUMA 480 L 21” Chuck 2.1 metre bed Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Horizontal Turning (Conventional)Various Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Vertical Milling (CNC )2 x Hitachi Seiki VK 45 Integrated 4th axis Nikken Rotary Heads Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Vertical Milling (CNC )2 x Mori Seiki NVX5100/40 Integrated 4th axis Nikken Rotary Head Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Vertical Milling (Conventional)Various Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -
Vertical Milling (Conventional)Hauser type 5 jig borer Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -

Inspection / Testing

  • CMM machines

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