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Tier 1: Technology Vendor including Reactor, Turbine, Major Civil, Mechanical & Electrical
Tier 2: Systems Integration Organisations
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  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015

Hanningfield Process Systems Limited

Light and Medium Fabrications

Process machinery design and manufacture


Founded in 1987, Hanningfield is an independent family-owned business based in Essex, UK. The company focuses on the design, manufacture, supply and installation of machinery for the handling, processing and containment of materials. Hanningfield manufactures the majority of equipment at the UK manufacturing facility. In-house capabilities include coded welding, machining, polishing, assembly, electrical and testing.

Hanningfield’s expertise has produced a high-quality product range which has been successfully installed to companies worldwide. Below is an overview of our products:

Milling and Sizing: high integrity machines for achieving various particle sizing processes
• Conical Mills (Under-Driven and Over-Driven)
• Sifters (Centrifugal Screening)
• Particle Sizing Solution – milling and sifting on one machine
• Lump Breakers

Conveying and Transfer: transferring everything from powder and granules to tablets and capsules
• Vacuum Conveyors
• Capsule Conveyors
• Powder Flow Control System
• Sack Tip Stations

Lifting and Handling: systems for the lifting, blending and handling of containers and drums
• Hoists (Lift Systems)
• Bin Blenders
• Drum Tumblers
• Drum Tippers
• IBCs and Drums

Containment and Control: cyclones for the contained capture of waste processing powder and silicone accessories for flexible contained powder transfer
• Powder Recovery Cyclones
• Silicone Dust Caps
• Silicone Connecting Sleeves
• Hygienic Valves

Our experience means we understand the quality standards expected in the hygienic process industries, including the strict nuclear and defence industries, where GMP and FDA compliance is imperative. Hanningfield is ISO 9001 certified and can supply full 3.1 mill certificates for fabricated parts.

Products and Services

Product Sector
Modularised & Skid Mounted Process Systems Nuclear Civil
Mechanical Handling & Cranes Nuclear Civil
Pumps & Valves Nuclear Civil
Modularised & Skid Mounted Process Systems Pharmaceutical & Medical
Mechanical Handling & Cranes Pharmaceutical & Medical
Pumps & Valves Pharmaceutical & Medical

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