Hawke International (A member of the Hubbell Group
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Tier 3: Original Equipment Manufacturing Organisations


  • ANSI
  • ASME / NPT
  • CE Marking / EN 1090
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Norsok
  • Sellafield SLM 4.06

Hawke International (A member of the Hubbell Group

Instrumentation & Control Equipment

Cable Glands, Enclosure and Connector manufacturer.


Hawke International have been proudly manufacturing in Manchester since 1957 and supply market leading cable glands, enclosures, connectors and connection solutions around the world.

Since William Hawke proudly carved his name into the first ever Hawke Cable Gland in July 1957, Hawke International have prided themselves on maintaining a reputation as innovators and industry leaders. We’ve never stopped looking for ways to provide cutting edge connection solutions, and we never will. We strive to create globally certified Cable Glands, Enclosures, Connectors and connection solutions that always exceed our customers’ expectations.

We’ve been protecting people and assets in some of the world’s most severe environments for over 65+ years. Hawke has always been the first choice of companies that demand strength and reliability in Harsh and Hazardous areas.

All Hawke products are designed to not only comply ISO 9001 standards but to achieve or exceed all the latest standards. All of our products are certified globally by ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO and more. Rigorous in-house and third party testing ensures that all our products always exceed expectations.

Products and Services

Product Sector
Glands Oil & Gas including LNG
Connectors & Contactors Oil & Gas including LNG
Power Distribution Oil & Gas including LNG

Cable Glands, Fibre and Electrical Connectors, Enclosures

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  • Pressure / Hydro Testing


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