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"Customer service, standard of work and interaction is industry leading"

We have worked with European Heathyards for over 20 years and we value them as strategic partner. The level of detail when reviewing technical drawings and documents to aid with manufacturing is second to none. The technical workmanship and on time delivery has enabled us to maintain and grow our business in the nuclear sector.

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  • Achilles UVDB Verify Cat A
  • Achilles UVDB Verify Cat B
  • Achilles UVDB Verify Cat C
  • Achilles UVDB Verify Cat D
  • ASME
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001
  • PED 97/23/EC / ESPN (PED)

Heathyards Engineering Co Ltd

Pressure Vessels Heat exchangers & Tanks

Pressure Vessels Heat exchangers & Tanks - Fabrication and welding/tube manipulation


Formed in 1974, European Heathyards provide tube manipulation, fabrication and high integrity welding to a range of industries from its 110,000 sq ft West Midlands based combined workshop and storage facility.

Widely regarded as one of the UK’s most trusted fabricators of tube, plate and section structures European Heathyards are capable of 160,000 man hours.

Our customer base includes global leaders in the power generation, petrochemical, environmental, water, offshore and nuclear sectors.

Our manufacturing processes meet the stringent ASME R, S, U & PP stamp requirements in accordance with the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes of practice (BPVC).

We have also attained BS EN 1090 ‘Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures’ and have been pre-qualified by Achilles UVDB (EDF Nuclear).

All our work is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, 14001, 18001 and 27001 to ensure control and traceability from receipt of order through to final release for dispatch.

We currently have scope for a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes and operate 9 tube and pipe bending machines and carry over 3,000 bend radii tools in stock capable of hot & cold bending from 3mm to 219mm o/d radius.

Our service offering extends to tube, pipe, sheet, plate, forgings, castings and section fabrication as well as shearing to 20 millimetres thick, pressing and rolling to 30 millimetres thick, MMA, MIG, MAG, SAW, FCAW and stud welding. We also offer various types of machining, thermal processes and non destructive treatments.

The recent development of a 10,000 sq ft biometric access clean conditions manufacturing facility also ensures European Heathyards are well placed to deliver nuclear certified supply chain expertise.

Products and Services

Product Sector
Fabrication Cutting Forming Pressing & Bending - Equipment Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Pressure Vessels, Heat exchanger & Tanks - Coded Standards Nuclear Civil
Fabrication Cutting Forming Pressing & Bending - General Civil Works Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Fabrication Cutting Forming Pressing & Bending - Modules & Skid Mounted Systems Oil & Gas including LNG
Fabrication Cutting Forming Pressing & Bending - Support & Critical Structural Items Oil & Gas including LNG
Ferrous and Non ferrous Materials - Certified & Source Contolled Nuclear Civil
Consumables - Engineering and Welding & NDE Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Containment System Fabrications Oil & Gas including LNG
Machining - General Engineering Oil & Gas including LNG
Pipe, Fittings, Reducers, Flanges Bending, Supports Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Pressure Vessels, Heat exchanger & Tanks - Standard Industrial Oil & Gas including LNG
Steel Plate and Sections Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Storage Tanks and Systems - Small to Large Oil & Gas including LNG
Tube & Pipework - Large Bore Marine Commercial & Naval
Tube & Pipework - Small Bore Marine Commercial & Naval
Waste Storage Containers Casks Flasks & Systems - High Level Waste Oil & Gas including LNG
Waste Storage Containers & Systems - Low & Intermediate Level Waste Oil & Gas including LNG
Welding Manual Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine

Site Facilities

Shop Floor

60000m2 47000 m2 Outside Storage and 100 tonnes overhead crane lifting capacity

Welding & Cladding

Capability Swing Length Width
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)TIP TIG Min: 20mm 5mm 3mm
Max: 6000mm 15000mm 5500mm
Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMA) Min: 20mm 5mm 3mm
Max: 6000mm 15000mm 5500mm
Metal Active Gas Welding (MAG) Min: 20mm 5mm 3mm
Max: 6000mm 15000mm 5500mm
Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG) Min: 20mm 5mm 3mm
Max: 6000mm 15000mm 5500mm
Narrow Gap Welding (GTAW or SAW) Min: 100mm 100mm 20mm
Max: 6000mm 15000mm 5500mm
Orbital & Planetary (GTAW & SAW) Min: 100mm 100mm 20mm
Max: 6000mm 15000mm 5500mm
Submerged Arc Strip Cladding (SASC) Min: 20mm 20mm 20mm
Max: 2000mm 15000mm 5500mm
Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) Min: 100mm 100mm 20mm
Max: 6000mm 15000mm 5500mm

Inspection / Testing

  • Clean room facilities
  • Equipment Qualification
  • Non destructive testing - Magnetic Partical
  • Non destructive testing - Radiography
  • Non destructive testing - Ultrasonic
  • Pressure / Hydro Testing
  • Proof Load Testing


  • CAD Design - 3D

Recent Work

Heat Exchanger Units

European Heathyards have recently completed 24 heat exchanger units for an international process technology company.

The heat exchanger units vary in size, with the largest measuring 4.5m x 3.5m x 8.0m, and weighing in excess of 35,000kg and the manufacturing process occupied more than 40,000 man hours over a 52 week period.

Each Heat Exchanger has been manufactured from stainless steels (grade 304H and 310H) and Incoloy (grade 800HT). These specialist units are used to exchange heat within the direct reduction of iron ore and have been manufactured and quality tested in accordance with ASME V111, DIVISION 1 and ASME U-Stamp.

The finished Heat Exchangers have been inspected by Lloyds Register and SQS.

Heat Exchanger Units

Headers/Manifold Assembles

European Heathyards have been manufacturing high integrity Headers/ Manifold Assembles. Our experience ranges from small diameter units to high pressure steam drums for large power generation boilers.

Headers/Manifold Assembles

Large Castings

High integrity welding and fabrication of low and high alloy castings
High pressure, high temperature
ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes
PD5500 specification for unfired pressure vessels
TIG, MMA, FCAW & SAW welding

Large Castings

Radiant Chambers

European Heathyards recently partnered with a global boiler specialist who were looking for a single entity manufacturing solution to deliver all aspects of their radiant chambers.

European Heathyards exacting capabilities were well placed to meet BS1113:1999 manufacturing standards and the 22 week build time. The completed radiant chambers were third party inspected by Lloyds Register and are destibed for waste to energy plants in the UK and Europe.

Radiant Chambers

Pressure Vessels

European Heathyards have been manufacturing high integrity pressure vessels, vacuum tanks and mixing pans for the power generation, petrochemical, and food processing industries for nearly four decades.

Pressure Vessels