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Heatsense Cables Ltd

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Miscellaneous nuclear cables and wiring


Heatsense Cables is a specialist high-performance cable manufacturer based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

The company is a technology leader in fluoropolymer extrusion, high performance taping and cable wrapping. Related services (processes include) cover sintering, colouring, etching and the application of various specialist coatings.
The company has both glass yarn braiding and metal screening capabilities - the range covers high temperature yarns and a wide range of metals.

The high performance cable range includes thermocouple cables and extensions wires, equipment wires, coaxial cables, multicore cables, micro cables and fine wires that operate in extreme (harsh) environments.

These cables are resistant to flame, oils, chemicals and capable of operating in high radiation, nuclear, ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic environments.

Insulation materials include PFA, FEP, PTFE, ETFE, PEEK, EFGLAS, PE, PU, PVC, Taped & Sintered PTFE, Mica, Silicone, Polyimide & Aramid Yarns. Braiding materials include glass, ceramic and kevlar fibres, other specialist yarns and various metals.

Markets include nuclear, aerospace, automotive, medical, R&D, Oil & Gas and general industry.
The company offers a range of approvals that meet all internationally recognised specifications.

Heatsense is highly customer focused and offers a bespoke advanced technical design and manufacturing service, coupled with rapid response times, short lead times, low MOQ’s and competitive pricing.

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Cables Subseas and Offshore
Cables Rail & Transport
Cables Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Cables Pharmaceutical & Medical
Cables Petrochemical & Refining
Cables Oil & Gas including LNG
Cables Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Cables Nuclear Civil
Cables Marine Commercial & Naval
Cables Electrical components & equipment
Cables Automotive
Cables Aerospace - Civil and Defence

High performance cables manufactured in the UK and supplied to the nuclear, aerospace, automotive, medical, R&D and Oil & Gas sectors.

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