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  • Achilles UVDB Verify Cat A
  • Achilles UVDB Verify Cat B
  • Achilles UVDB Verify Cat C
  • Achilles UVDB Verify Cat D
  • CE Marking / EN 1090
  • EN 13445
  • FPAL
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 3834-2:2005
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Norsok
  • OHSAS 18001
  • OHSAS 18001 Now ISO 45001
  • UVDB Verify

F4N Case Studies

Hutchinson Engineering Ltd

Steel Fabrications

Design, manufacture, coating, secondary fit-out and installation of complex steel structures to ISO1090-2 EXC4.


An SME based in North-West England, offering the design, manufacture, coating, secondary fit-out and installation of complex steel structures. Our strength is in the ability to provide a diverse scope, utilising in-house resources and experience in a production-flow workshop environment, enabling efficient and cost effective supply to a high quality-assured standard. With extensive experience in the Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, OnShore
& Offshore Wind and Rail Sectors and are looking to bring this skill-set to the Nuclear Industry.

To support our activities, we hold accreditation to UKCA BS EN ISO1090-2 EXC4, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO3834-2, EN15085-2.

Our business ethos is to maintain a range or capabilities across the steel fabrication scope, developing in-house resource, expertise and facilities allowing us to meet our clients timescale, quality and project demands every time.

Products and Services

Product Sector
Fabrication Hi-integrity & Complex Structures including Heavy Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Structural Fabrications Renewables - (Wind, Tidal, Solar Biomas etc.)
Containment Structure Rail & Transport
Access Ladders Stairs & Platforms Oil & Gas including LNG
Coatings Paints Protection Processes & Systems Renewables - (Wind, Tidal, Solar Biomas etc.)
Pipework Supports Oil & Gas including LNG
Steelwork including Mezzanine & Gantry Systems Oil & Gas including LNG

Our maximum overhead-crane lifting capacity is 50t, located at our quay-side workshop in Liverpool, supported by our secondary coating facilities at the quayside, enabling us to load-out larger items directly onto the Mersey.

We maintain plate rolling facilities (cans 4.2m diameter, 3m long and upto 40mm thick), together with SAW Growing-lines capable to producing tubular sections upto 60t . Our Coating facility supports this production area enabling coating of items upto 30m in length.

We are able to offer Structural and Detailed design works, including 3D modelling.

We are able to carry out secondary-process activities associated with steel structures, such as cabling, RF equipment and testing, minor electrical works, fall-arrest systems, etc . . . This activity is prevalent in our structure supply for the mobile telecoms industry.

We maintain Site-Based installation and erection teams to support our activities.

Site Facilities

Shop Floor

10000m2 10,000m2 across four locations including quayside loadout facility. Additional 6 acres of storage yards. Our Coating Facilities include Shot-Blasting & Climate-controlled Paint Booth (max size 30m x 5.5m x 5.5m), metalization and sweep-blast facilities.

Specialist Machinery

Capability Swing Length Width Weight
Horizontal Mill / TurnCNC Lathe with Y Axis; 18″ x 23″ (457 x 584 mm) max capacity, 4.0″ (102 mm) bar, 31.75″ (806 mm) swing, ±2.00″ (±50.8 mm) Y-axis travel, 40 hp (29.8 kW) vector drive, 3200 rpm, A2-8 spindle, 12″ (305 mm) chuck, 12-station BMT-65 turret. Min: - - - N/A
Max: 806mm 584mm 457mm 1500kg
Vertical Turning (Conventional)Webster & Bennett 36” E-R series Vertical Turning and Boring Machine Min: - - - N/A
Max: 1219mm 1016mm - 1500kg

Welding & Cladding

Capability Swing Length Width
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)manual Min: - - -
Max: - - -
Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMA) Min: - - -
Max: - - -
Metal Active Gas Welding (MAG)manual, solid wire and cored wire Min: - - -
Max: - - -
Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG)manual Min: - - -
Max: - - -
Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)mechanised, Column and boom with max reach 5m, tractors Min: - - -
Max: 5000mm - -

Inspection / Testing

  • Non destructive testing - Magnetic Partical
  • Non destructive testing - Radiography
  • Non destructive testing - Ultrasonic
  • Proof Load Testing


  • CAD Design - 2D
  • CAD Design - 3D
  • CAM Design - 2D
  • CAM Design - 3D

Recent Work

MHI-Vestas OffShore Blade Logistics

Over recent years we have provided a number of Factory Production Jigs and OffShore Logistics items to support MVOW deployment to various OffShore Wind-Farms and Production Facilities both within the UK and EU.

We have completed Blade-Production jigs, Blade-Stacker frames, transportation cradles, Lifting-Frames and similar logistic items for the OffShore Wind sector.

MHI-Vestas OffShore Blade Logistics

Mobile Telecommunication Structures

We maintain a number of product ranges for the UK Mobile-Telecommunication sector covering a wide-range of technologies and applications including the latest 5G capabilities. Ground-based and Rooftop options.

Our scope includes product development and design in addition to completion of the steel structure, installation and testing of the RF and Power equipment enabling the structures to be deployed directly to site with a compliant handover test-pack.

Mobile Telecommunication Structures

OnShore Oil & Gas

At the Essar Oil Refinery in Cheshire, we were responsible for the detailed design, manufacture and erection of the Reactor Head support steelwork, totalling 400t, to meet the strict turn-around programme requirements

OnShore Oil & Gas

Rolled Product

Primarily aimed at the provision of OnShore Wind towers, but suitable for similar activities, our plate rolling, growing-lines and coating facilities can provide upto 4.3m diameter and 40mm thick rolled plate, 30m long, and upto 60t.

Rolled Product

THFC Stadium Lighting Trusses

Our scope was to manufacture and coat 6nr 75m long sectionalised lighting-trusses for the new THFC stadium, fabricated to tight tolerances to facilitate the hydraulic application, travel and below-ground storage. In addition our Assembly-Yard was utilised to provide trial assembly and lighting test set-up.

THFC Stadium Lighting Trusses

Lattice Towers

We offer a number of lattice tower ranges, extending from light-weight / low profile options to larger multiuser solution available upto in 5m increments upto 35m.

Our scope includes design, manufacture and installation (including hand-build), and issue of safe-to-climb.

Lattice Towers

Hornsea 2 OffShore Wind-Farm Suspended Internal Platforms

Hornsea 2 ¦ High-tolerance, large-scale production-jig assemblies, incorporating fabricated and machined parts across multiple materials (Carbon-steel, stainless steel, nylon, GRP, etc . . . ).

Our scope includes Engineering Drawings, Steelwork Manufacture, Coating and Installation at the Marshalling Yard, for 30 sets of Suspended Internal Platform structures.

Hornsea 2 OffShore Wind-Farm Suspended Internal Platforms