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James Fisher Nuclear

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James Fisher Nuclear is an established supplier of specialist engineering, manufacturing and technical services for applications within challenging, high integrity, environments.

The flexibility, technical expertise and integration of James Fisher Nuclear's (JFN) multi-disciplined design teams is the basis of many effective and valuable long-term relationships with major companies within the nuclear, aerospace, process and general engineering industries, as well as with clients in the defence sector and emergency services.

Working in these complex and demanding industry sectors to high levels of quality and safety, we have developed design skills and experience that are much in demand and we have won a strong reputation for responsiveness, delivery and added value.

JFN is part of James Fisher and Sons plc, a leading provider of marine and engineering services. JFN can leverage its own substantial resources with those of the group and an international supply chain to deliver projects from concept through to manufacture, installation and commissioning.

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Instrumentation & Control Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Instrumentation & Control Nuclear Civil
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Nuclear Civil
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Oil & Gas including LNG
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Aerospace - Civil and Defence

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  • Electrical
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  • Non destructive testing - Magnetic Partical
  • Non destructive testing - Radiography
  • Non destructive testing - Ultrasonic
  • Radiation


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  • CAD Design - 3D
  • CAM Design - 2D
  • CAM Design - 3D

Recent Work

Winfrith Reactor Decommissioning Reaches Important Milestone

PRESS RELEASE 29 November 2017

• Important ‘Detail Design’ stage reached.

• 4 year reactor segmentation programme can now move in to the implementation stage.

• One of the largest turnkey decommissioning projects to have been awarded in the UK.

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN), a subsidiary of James Fisher and Sons PLC, has reached the first important milestone in a project to decommission one of the UK earliest experimental reactors. The project has reached the ‘Design Detail’ stage, when the client, Magnox and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), reviews the designs and authorises the move towards implementation.

This is an important step in the four year project to deliver a facility for the remote cutting up and packaging of the reactor core of the redundant Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor (SGHWR) located at Winfrith in Dorset.

Kevin McIntyre, Reactors Programme Manager for Magnox said “Decommissioning the SGHWR is a significant step in dealing with the country’s nuclear legacy. With their work so far on the SGHWR project, JFN have proved to be an able and innovative partner. They have attacked the challenges presented by the Winfrith reactor and have put forward innovative, safety focused and cost effective solutions”

This is one of highest value turn-key decommissioning projects currently in operation in the UK and will firmly establish JFN as the leading reactor decommissioning implementation contractor in the UK.

Paul Read, Managing Director of JFN said: “This is a huge project and I’m pleased it is progressing well. We have a strong heritage in this field, as we have been integral in every reactor segmentation project carried out in the UK and we are now taking our skills and experience to a wider market by actively pursuing similar opportunities in Europe and further afield”

The SGHWR team is now engaging with its supply chain and integrated teams of specialist sub-contractors, fine tuning its procurement plans, testing and implementing QA procedures and recruiting key staff, as it moves towards the start of on-site activities during 2018. Working closely with its client, Magnox Ltd. and the NDA to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget, JFN continues to make good progress towards its next set of goals.

Kerry Bailey JFN’s Project Manager for SGHWR said: “The achievements we have made have been as a result of the hard work and dedication of the entire team, both here at JFN and across our clients and partner companies”

JFN has proved itself highly capable of delivering such specialist contracts through the implementation of tried and tested solutions for complex decommissioning questions. This specialist engineering company is now looking to deliver, not just for the UK nuclear decommissioning industry but to apply its expertise to decommissioning challenges across Europe and beyond.

Notes to editors:
The Winfrith SGHWR was the largest of the nine experimental reactors commissioned on the Winfrith site, constructed between 1963 and 1967 and generating up to 100MW, sufficient electricity to power the needs of a small town. The reactor was finally shut down in 1990 and has subsequently been subject to de-fuelling and decommissioning operations. Cutting up and packaging the reactor core for disposal is a major task in the process of returning the site to publically accessible heathland and presents a significant technical challenge in terms of remote size reduction and handling operations.

James Fisher Nuclear is an established supplier of specialist engineering, manufacturing and technical services for applications within challenging environments or with high integrity requirements.

For more information see: www.jfnl.co.uk
James Fisher and Sons plc is a leading service provider in all sectors of the marine industry and a specialist supplier of engineering services to the nuclear industry in the UK and abroad. Operating in over 40 countries worldwide, the company serves both the private and public sectors and adopts a practical approach to the management of assets and provision of high quality services, ensuring an appropriate use of technology and a sound understanding of each customer’s requirements. Building on the experience and expertise gained over more than 165 years of operating in the marine environment, James Fisher brings practical experience, innovation and commercial best practice to all clients’ projects and services.

For more information see www.james-fisher.com
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Winfrith Reactor Decommissioning Reaches Important Milestone