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  • SC21 Award - Bronze
  • AS 9100
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • OHSAS 18001

Perfect Bore Manufacturing Ltd

Precision Machining

Precision Machining - Gundrilling, Deep Hole Boring, CNC Turning, Honing, CNC Grinding & Superfinishing


Perfect Bore provides Gundrilling, Deep Hole Boring, CNC Turning, Honing, CNC Grinding and Superfinishing machining services to OEMs and sub-tier companies operating in market sectors including the aerospace, oil & gas, nuclear, scientific instruments/medical, automotive and power generation industries. Bore solutions supplied by Perfect Bore can be found in components manufactured by major OEMs such as Airbus, BAe, Goodrich Actuation Systems, Boeing, Moog and Rolls Royce; supporting projects including B787 Dreamliner, A400M and A350.

These industries require the production of bores in components to extreme tolerances and in some cases to sub-micro geometrical tolerances combined with specific surface finish requirements. It also offers Research & Development for one-off prototypes and a dedicated manufacturing facility to produce high-quality parts to exacting tolerances.

The company has worked to ensure that their name is renowned for quality and on-time delivery, with 'just-in-time' schedules forming a regular part of the production and the development of its processes through lean manufacturing initiatives also enables the company to offer cost-effective solutions to its clients.

Products and Services

Product Sector
Tube & Pipework - Small Bore Pharmaceutical & Medical
Tube & Pipework - Large Bore Nuclear Civil
Fasteners and Bolting - Standard Marine Commercial & Naval
Machining - Precision & High Integrity Engineering Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Coatings, Paints, Liners, Treatments & Surface Finishes Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Machining - General Engineering Oil & Gas including LNG
Tooling - General Engineering Automotive
Forgings and Castings - General Engineering Aerospace - Civil and Defence

Site Facilities

Shop Floor

3000m2 Owner occupied fully secure industrial estate with four separate business units.

Specialist Machinery

Capability Swing Length Width Weight
Deep hole Drilling Min: - - - N/A
Max: - - - -

Inspection / Testing

  • Temperature controlled facility for inspection


  • CAD Design - 3D
  • CAM Design - 3D

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