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Polycast ltd


Castings & forgings


Polycast is a metal forming company with a specialist focus for investment casting. The skills, quality and technology that drive our business have developed over eighty years.

Our services cover every aspect that you may require: from 'as-cast' through to fully finished and assembled components; or from prototyping through to mass production. Specifically : for investment castings we can offer component weight capacity from 1.5g to 15Kg or a component volume of 400 cubic mm. We will always look at your needs beyond these capacities.

We produce highly finished investment cast products and offer skilled technical advice for your product needs. We offer a UK based manufacturing facility. And along with our Indian partners we can produce high-volume, high- quality castings and forgings, tailored for your unique budgetary and technical requirement.

Polycast serves many high-integrity industrial sectors: scientific; aerospace; nuclear; medical; industrial and marine fields are just some examples.

Complex shapes are produced quickly and efficiently and we can cater for a variety of different materials. This gives new freedom and greater scope for your designers.

Advice is available from our Engineering Teams in the UK and India for the suitability of a particular casting process that achieves the desired solution as originally envisaged by the customer.

For further discussion for your technical demands please contact Steve Cooke (Sales and Commercial Manager) at stephen.cooke@polycast.ltd.uk or call direct on 01489 889133.

Products and Services

Product Sector
Materials Forgings & Steels Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Materials Forgings & Steels Automotive
Materials Forgings & Steels Oil & Gas including LNG
Materials Forgings & Steels Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Materials Forgings & Steels Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Materials Forgings & Steels Marine Commercial & Naval
Materials Forgings & Steels Petrochemical & Refining
Materials Forgings & Steels Pharmaceutical & Medical
Materials Forgings & Steels Aerospace - Civil and Defence

Polycast offer a wide range of services including :- Fully finished castings
Surface Treatments
Cold setting
Black Coating
Hot Dip Galvanising
Zinc Plating
Mechanical Testing
Proof load testing
Chemical analysis
Grain etching
Metallurgical Section work

Site Facilities

Shop Floor

1022m2 Polycast have recently invested in three new machines to enable us to produce castings more efficiently and driving up the quality of our services. These machines are : MODTECH WAX PRESS This machine offers greater control of temperature , greater control of the flow of wax and also process times are reduced helping us to achieve on-time deliveries. BELL SEMI-AUTOMATIC RISE AND FALL GRINDER This machine guarantees the consistency of grind / surface finishes; together with multiple loading fixtures that reduce process cycle times. BELL AUTOMATIC CUT OFF This machine reduces cost through a reduction in scrap. It also diminishes time of cutting the castings from the runner system; so again decreasing process times.

Inspection / Testing

  • CMM machines
  • Proof Load Testing

Recent Work

Rolls Royce

For Rolls Royce we produce the ' Spirit of Ecstasy '. This badge is the World's most recognised car mascot. It has evolved considerably since the orginal sculptures 100 years ago.
Polycast Limited are extremely proud to have played an integral part in the evolution and restoration of this heritage icon.

Rolls Royce