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Powertherm Contract Services Ltd


Insulation/Coatings/Access/Trace Heating


Powertherm is an industry leader in the provision of a comprehensive range of innovative industrial services and solutions.

Our specialist services and solutions include:

Insulation including innovation Flexible Insulation Covers
Access: Scaffolding, Rope, Confined Space, & Mobile Equipment
Coatings and Specialist Linings including Surface Preparation
Trace Heating
Refractory Lining
Industrial Cleaning & Site Services

Trusted by leading companies around the globe, we are committed to creating safe working environments and optimising operational performance for our clients and their people. Our combination of high quality, safety throughout and always offering the right innovative solution, enables us to deliver client satisfaction. We know each and every project is unique, which is why we offer a tailored and personal approach.

Whatever size the project, we uphold the same safety, quality, and environmental commitments and service delivery excellence. We provide the trust, peace of mind and quality of service you deserve. Our exemplary track record in completing complex projects of all sizes is testament to our core values and always offering the right solution, something which is deeply rooted in our people.

We encourage an innovative, collaborative way of operating, and invest heavily in industry-acclaimed training and smart technologies which is dispersed throughout our projects from enquiry to completion. A focus on continuous improvement and safety standards of the smallest to the largest task has allowed us to deliver multiple projects on-time and on-budget.

We value working closely with our clients, always acknowledging their unique requirements, exchanging our experience and expertise to provide the right solution.

Products and Services

Product Sector
Insulation General & Specialist Thermal Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Expansion Joints Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Freeze Protection Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Trace Heating Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Access Ladders Stairs & Platforms Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Coatings Paints Protection Processes & Systems Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Insulation General & Specialist Thermal Petrochemical & Refining
Expansion Joints Petrochemical & Refining
Freeze Protection Petrochemical & Refining
Trace Heating Petrochemical & Refining
Access Ladders Stairs & Platforms Petrochemical & Refining
Coatings Paints Protection Processes & Systems Petrochemical & Refining
Insulation General & Specialist Thermal Nuclear Civil
Expansion Joints Nuclear Civil
Freeze Protection Nuclear Civil
Trace Heating Nuclear Civil
Access Ladders Stairs & Platforms Nuclear Civil
Coatings Paints Protection Processes & Systems Nuclear Civil

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