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  • AS 9100
  • ISO 9001:2015

Rockford Components Ltd

Instrumentation & Control Equipment

Rockford designs, develops and manufactures system solutions and electro-mechanical assemblies for industrial, commercial aerospace and military applications


Rockford’s unique engineering-driven approach to cable assembly and wiring harness design and manufacturing delivers a cost-effective, high-quality solution to your cable assembly needs. Rockford is the UK’s largest independent provider of wiring, interconnect & system solutions for the aerospace, defence and industrial markets.

We offer a simplified, competitive and reactive supply chain with excellence, meeting your offset requirements and mitigating your risk: Designing high-performance, environmentally sealed, next-generation, high-speed, flexible cabling and system-level electrical equipment with engineering and production capacity for rapid prototypes and low to medium volume orders, delivered with on-site global engineering support.

Products and Services

Product Sector
Cables Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Cables Automotive
Cables Marine Commercial & Naval
Cables Nuclear Civil
Cables Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Cables Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Cables Rail & Transport
Electrical & Electronic Components Connectors and PCB's Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Electrical & Electronic Components Connectors and PCB's Automotive
Electrical & Electronic Components Connectors and PCB's Electrical components & equipment
Electrical & Electronic Components Connectors and PCB's Marine Commercial & Naval
Electrical & Electronic Components Connectors and PCB's Nuclear Civil
Electrical & Electronic Components Connectors and PCB's Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Electrical & Electronic Components Connectors and PCB's Rail & Transport
Materials Wire & Wire Rope Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Materials Wire & Wire Rope Automotive
Materials Wire & Wire Rope Marine Commercial & Naval
Materials Wire & Wire Rope Nuclear Civil
Materials Wire & Wire Rope Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Materials Wire & Wire Rope Rail & Transport
Connectors & Contactors Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Connectors & Contactors Automotive
Connectors & Contactors Electrical components & equipment
Connectors & Contactors Nuclear Civil
Electrical Systems Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Electrical Systems Automotive
Electrical Systems Marine Commercial & Naval
Electrical Systems Nuclear Civil
Electrical Systems Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Electrical Systems Rail & Transport
Fabrication Med-integrity Structures Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Fabrication Med-integrity Structures Automotive
Fabrication Med-integrity Structures Nuclear Civil
Fabrication Med-integrity Structures Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Fabrication Med-integrity Structures Rail & Transport
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (M&E) Aerospace - Civil and Defence
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (M&E) Automotive
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (M&E) Nuclear Civil
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (M&E) Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (M&E) Rail & Transport

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Inspection / Testing

  • CMM machines


  • CAD Design - 2D
  • CAD Design - 3D

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