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  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015

SS Tube Technology Ltd

Light and Medium Fabrications

Light and Medium Fabrications - Thin Wall Tubing and Bending and Machining


SST Technology is an engineering led organisation striving to be the leader in forming, joining and machining high integrity products for highly demanding environments and the transformation of energy into rotary motion.

The business is based in the heart of Oxfordshire employing approximately 100 people serving a diverse range of industries.

Typical products include thin wall fabrications, high integrity pipework and high performance insulation. Products are often made from exotic materials such as Inconel, Titanium together with more commonly used stainless steels and aluminium. Manufacturing technologies utilised by the business include tube manipulation, hydroforming, additive layer manufacturing, precision TIG and resistance welding, laser welding together with 5 axis machining and non destructive testing techniques.

SST Technology works closely with its customers in partnership either leading or supporting the design process. In either case the business has substantial expertise in the design for manufacture and new product introduction process.

The diverse market interaction and cross market pollination means the business is able to offer a robust quality system approach associated with Aerospace or Energy markets whilst possessing the agility, performance and speed associated with Motorsport and Performance Automotive.

Products and Services

Product Sector
Pipework Fittings & Spools Automotive
Insulation General & Specialist Thermal Nuclear Defence - Naval Marine
Precision & General Machining Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission
Welding & Welding Systems Aerospace - Civil and Defence

Site Facilities

Shop Floor

4000m2 Tube manipulation 6mm OD to 120mmOD Hydroforming (Thin wall) Additive layer manufacturing Over 40 expert TIG and Resistance welding technicians 5 axis Machining Fluorescent dye penetrant inspection

Specialist Machinery

Capability Swing Length Width Weight
5 Axis Milling Min: - - - N/A
Max: - 3000mm 800mm -
Vertical Mill / Turn Min: - - - N/A
Max: 250mm - - -

Inspection / Testing

  • CMM machines
  • Pressure / Hydro Testing
  • Temperature controlled facility for inspection


  • CAD Design - 2D
  • CAD Design - 3D
  • CAM Design - 2D
  • CAM Design - 3D

Recent Work

Welding and Forming

Welding and Forming Techniques

Welding and Forming

Oil & Gas

Experience MIG Welding Oil & Gas Hydraulic Connector Supports

Oil & Gas

Aircraft Ducting

Work undertaken with major Aircraft engine manufacturer manufacturing precision ducting. Inconel through to Aluminium.

Aircraft Ducting

Precision Heat Exchangers

Work undertaken in fabrication and laser welding of precision heat exchanger for industrial gas turbine application.

Precision Heat Exchangers

Insulation for Engine Test Rig

High performance insulation cladding applied to ID of vessel used for high profile next generation aircraft engine test rig.

Insulation for Engine Test Rig